How To Create Telepphone Links In Page Builder Wordpress

Layers for Elementor Layers is now compatible with the World’s Fastest page builder. Making it even easier to get your business online. Download for Free Introducing Layers for Elementor Now with all of the best Layers Pro features are built into the free Layers theme, allowing you to customize your site via the WordPress customizer, […] […]

How To Add Text To A Photo On Instagram

Note: If you dont want to use an icon, you can add text instead by selecting the Text option on the left, choosing your font at the top, and typing out your text. Center your icon or text on your background. Canva will show guidelines to alert you when your icon is centered. 7. Add New Page & Repeat. Click Add New Page directly below your first background to create your next Instagram […]

How To Add Bn Number Quickbooks

Note: Once you run a payroll in QuickBooks Online, you'll no longer be able to add or edit year to date information. Be sure to add all employees & payroll data prior to running payroll. Be sure to add all employees & payroll data prior to running payroll. […]

How To Cook Frozen Peas And Carrots

If using frozen peas, cook them according to package directions. Heat the oil in a 12-inch skillet over medium heat. Add the carrots, bell pepper, and onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until the carrots begin to soften, about 8 minutes. […]

How To Change Time On Iphone To Military Time

8/01/2019 · Learn how to write the hours from midnight until noon in military time. To know how to write the hours from midnight until noon in military time, you just have to add a zero before the hour and two zeros afterward. 1 a.m. is 0100 hours, 2 a.m is 0200 hours, 3 a.m. is 0300 hours, and so on. […]

How To Build A Conclusion

Steps to follow when writing a conclusion for a science project The conclusion section of your science project should be a description of the main purpose of the project, the findings, their explanations and recommendations for future projects or study. […]

How To Change The Pip Boy Fov

While building a settlement 28 Aug 2016 12:15 . What are the controls while you are building a settlement??? I have heard that there is a way to grab a whole structure and move or adjust it as a whole. […]

How To Draw A Bubble N

To change the outline of the bubble to a different color or to a dashed outline, click Shape Outline in the Shape Styles section and select a color option, or roll your cursor over Dashes […]

How To Cook A Juicy Roast

There's a lot going on in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, so when it comes to cooking the turkey, take a low-maintenance approach. The technique here is fairly hands-off. The instructions are for a 14-pound turkey, which serves 12 to 14 people, but they can be … […]

How To Connect Mac Air To Tv Via Hdmi

Flag as inappropriate (Which adapter is the least costly and can be used to connect my iPhone 6s to my hdmi television) Asked about: Belkin 4K Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Answer now (Which adapter is the least costly and can be used to connect my iPhone 6s to my hdmi television) […]

How To Allow Users To Install Printer Drivers

Allow users to install the printer drivers via GPO. The next step is to allow user to install the printer drivers via GPO. In this case, we are interested in the policy Allow non-administrators to install drivers for these device setup classes in the section Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Driver […]

How To Create A Text Bubble In Google Docs

Speech - Usually comics will include text depicting the characters' speech, although text might be left out if the images can tell the story alone. How to use Google Presentations (in general) For overall help on how to use Google Presentations see these resources: […]

How To Draw Katniss Everdeen Step By Step Easy

"beautiful easy hairstyles for long hair step by step and super easy but so cute def gonna try this for formal easy hairstyles for long hair 44 hairstyles for long hair step by step instructions easy f" […]

How To Become A Web Developer Wikihow

How to Become a Web Developer (with Pictures) - wikiHow. How to Become a Web Developer. In this Article: Article Summary Understanding What is Required to Become a Web Developer Learning About Programming Languages Learning about Graphic Design Advertising Your Skills Getting A Job as A Web Developer Community Q&A Web development is […]

How To Become A Journalist With No Experience

4 thoughts on “ Too old to become a journalist: Work experience – the good, the bad and the ugly ” Kristine Lowe November 6, 2008 at 5:26 pm Wow, I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate experiences, seeing that trainees also are free labour it seems such a waste. […]

How To Cook A Turkey And Drink Wine Joke

Funny wine joke and holiday humor. Now grab a bottle of wine & the turkey! Sound like my recipe for any big home cooked meal. Now grab a bottle of wine & the turkey! Sound like my recipe for any big home cooked meal. […]

How To Become An Equine Chiropractor

Australian Equine Institute provide horse equine education and courses for the recreational horse rider, the nervous horse rider or someone looking for better horsemanship training. […]

How To Add A Jar Library In Intelige

You can also create a new library from JAR files located within a project content root. Select these files in the Project tool window, and then select Add as Library from the context menu. From the main menu, select File Project Structure (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S). Under the Platform Settings, select Global Libraries. […]

How To Become A Highschool Teacher Ontario

25/02/2008 Best Answer: Valarie Ringrose teaches in Ontario and gives the following advice on becomng a teacher. It might be something you want to look into. "Secondary teachers need about 5 courses per teachable subject, and they need two teachable subjects. Teachable subjects can be art, biology, English, etc […]

How To Draw A Face For Kids

Learn How to Draw a Face from the Side Profile View (Female / Girl / Woman) Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Kids. Learn How to Draw a Face from the Side Profile View (Female / Girl / Woman) Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Kids . Visit. Discover ideas about Steg For […]

How To Come Out Of Financial Problems

When you use a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to transfer funds from his 401(k) to an IRA in your name, you have the option of receiving some or all of the funds directly to […]

How To Connect My Sony Handycam Ccd Trv128 To Computer

If you prefer a paper hard copy of a manual listed on this page, you can purchase it from the True Manuals web site. macOS Mojave Compatibility Information for Digital Camcorders macOS Mojave Compatibility Information for Digital Imaging Products and Application Software Check the Compatible […]

How To Make Windows 7 Create A Restore Point

create a system restore point in windows 10 , Windows 10 Free Download Latest Operating System OS, create a system restore point in windows 10 Full Setup Softwares, Offline and Standalone Installers Windows10Pro.Net. […]

How To Download Songs In Iphone 4 Without Itunes

In this brief tutorial, well lay out the process of adding music to iPhone without iTunes, using the WALTR app. WALTR 2 (the apps name is inspired by Walter White from the legendary crime drama series, Breaking Bad) accepts audio files encoded in a bunch of different file formats. […]

How To Become A Rowdy

Rowdy is a trusted advisor and mentor to successful leaders, businesses, team and individuals across the globe. He is the go to guide for those that truly want to Play a Bigger Game. He is the go to guide for those that truly want to Play a Bigger Game. […]

How To Add Points To Best Buy Reward Zone

Best Buy has announced their Reward Zone points program is set to end, with the last day to earn points being April 4, 2018. In an email to customers, the electronics retailer explained “We are constantly evolving to bring you the best shopping experience possible. […]

How To Clean A Wooden Rolling Pin

#:How To Clean A Wooden Rolling Pin >>> Woodworking Plans Ideas Tips For Sale Discount Prices. Diy Wood Furniture How To Clean A Wooden Rolling Pin Storage Shed Plans See Shed Plans Free Low Prices How To Clean A Wooden Rolling Pin For Sales. […]

How To Build A Bench Like Of Gym

Make sure there are hooks at proper heights for squats and bench presses. A tip: cover the hooks with rubber to protect the knurling of the barbell. Gyms are full of bars that cannot be used for snatch anymore as the knurling at the ends has been honed off by metal hooks. […]

How To Decide Language In Pathfinder

29/01/2014 · In this video, Warlords James and Morgan go through the process of creating a Human Cleric, from deciding on class and race, to selecting skills, feats, and equipment. […]

How To Dance Samba With A Partner

Before samba became a ballroom dance style, there were many styles of partner dances as well as solo samba dances. As with the solo samba, partnered ballroom samba has a … […]

How To Clean Twits Direct Messages

The "retweet with comment" feature allows you to embed an original tweet within your own message, and then comment on it in up to 116 characters. To do this, click the retweet icon at the bottom of the tweet. In the window that appears, add your comment to the "Add a […]

Simsie Save How To Download

Use this navigation page to explore my Simsie Save in more detail before you decide to put it in to your game. I have screenshots of both the new and renovated lots, bios for all the new townies, and world overviews on each of these world pages. […]

How To Build A Sturdy Wooden Gate

How To Build A Raised Foundation For A Shed Sturdy Storage Shelf Plans Plans To Build An Outdoor Table And Bench Build Your Own Coffee Table Plans Square Pedestal Dining Table Plans Once you your plan, you will require to locate your basic tools. For example, a drill, a saw because a hammer as well as of one's various drill bits and attachments. There […]

How To Draw Archer Style

How To: Draw wild style graffiti How To : Make a bow and arrow with a pen and a rubber band How To : Draw medieval treasure chests, swords & a Fleur de Lis […]

How To Describe The Size Of Change In Abriefing

Ever wondered how you can increase sales of fish dishes on your menu? Attendees at The Caterers Breakfast Briefing at the Dorchester hotel last month were given a heads-up when Seafish presented its recently commissioned research. […]

How To Delete Email Template In Outlook 2016

This feature is present in Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2010 and even in the older Out-of-office reply, also called automatic reply, is a very useful feature in Microsoft Outlook to send automatic replies to the people who sending you e-mails. […]

How To Make Clear Slime Youtube

Join the slime craze and make the best clear slime ever! If the gingerbread scent isnt your favorite try cinnamon slime , peppermint slime or the ultimate fluffy snow slime . Are you ready to Make This Scented Gingerbread Slime Recipe your kids will love? […]

How To Bring Database Back Online Stuck In Restoring Mode

We are trying to restore from a backup (.bak) of a sql 2005 database with full text catologs to sql 2012. We are getting errors saying that the backup file context are different from what we are trying to restore to, even if we try to create a new database from the backup.The new database is just a test database. […]

How To Build A Corner Fireplace Wall

Fireplace Corner Mantel Plans. Chateau 41 in. Corner Electric Fireplace in WhiteThe Chateau Corner Fireplace features the clean lines and classic styling familiar to stone mantels, realized in wood. […]

How To Change Dictation Language On Iphone

2. To enable dictation in a different language, you'll first need to add a foreign keyboard to your iPhone / iPad. This allows you to switch language without affecting the operating system, just by pressing the microphone key on your virtual keyboard. […]

How To Find Your Purpose In Life And Achieve It

6. Live A Purpose-Driven Life. The successful people I’ve met all have a vision of who they want to be and what they want to do. This purpose isn’t just thought about, it’s both felt and known. […]

How To Delete Files On Windows 10 Permanently

How to delete files permanently in Windows 10? This method has been tried in Windows 10. Hopefully, it will work in previous Windows versions also. Go to the Desktop on your Windows 10 OS. Right Click the Recycle Bin folder. Click the Properties option. In the Properties, select the drive for which you want to delete the files permanently. Now, under Settings for selected location, click the […]

Empty Fish Tank How To Clean For Flukes

Many people also treat their tank for gill flukes any time they add new fish to the aquarium. This will not just remove any flukes the new fish you just purchased, but it will also prevent the other fish in your tank from getting flukes. […]

How To Ask Someone To Be A Reference For You

The moment you’ve decided who to approach, find out whether any of those professors have reference letter policies. If they do, follow their directions. If not, approach your professors in the way that you are accustomed to dealing with them. If a potential referee has always been slow to respond to e-mail, then make an appointment to speak in person. If you know that a professor prefers to […]

How To Catch Online Credit Card Fraudsters

The reason sites that support vendor accounts are so popular to fraudsters is that they give fraudsters a more direct route to obtaining cash from stolen credit card credentials. If we look at a more traditional method for using stolen credit cards to get cash, the benefit here becomes instantly visible. […]

How To Become Rich Being Frugal

Being rich is not a question of ones ability or fortune or even a sense of entitlement. The question of why one is not wealthy can in most cases be simply attributed to the fact that they are […]

How To Change A Crew Qualification In Wot

This perk gives the same benefits as vents, increasing your crew qualification by 5%. To be effective ALL crew members must have it at 100%, however it remains in effect if crew members die in battle or your crew is not at 100% for the tank. This perk is one of the only ways to affect accuracy, rof, and speed. […]

How To Download Beatmaps Ingame

It will be listed below the “Ranked and Approved” beatmaps section, and also a message in the ingame IRC chat channel #announce will be posted, so it’s absolutely normal that more people see your beatmap now. What this also means is that the chance to get a mod is higher than before! […]

How To Draw A Gun Step By Step On Paper

1920x1080 How To Draw A Pistolstep By Stepgunon Paper. 300x200 How To Draw Gun Step By Step. 1280x720 How To Draw A Gun Quick Sketch. 700x479 How To Draw A Gun For Kids Howtodrawforkids. 300x200 How To Draw A Simple Gun. 1280x720 How To Draw A Gun. 1280x720 How To Draw A Gun Easy Gun Tutorial Gun Drawing Tutorial Step By . 1846x863 Tommy Gun … […]

How To Clear A Clogged Pipe Weed

18/12/2006 · To clean your crack or marijuana pipe in zip lock bag pour rubbing alcohol into it and add a lot of salt....then let it sit overnight. […]

How To Delete Photos From Iphone 4 Permanently

iPhone Data Eraser provides 4 ways to permanently delete data on your iPhone. Click Erase Deleted Files option in the left side bar. Click Erase Deleted Files option in the left side bar. Step 3: Start to scan trashed iPhone files […]

How To Develop Payment Gateway

Payment gateways in WooCommerce are class based and can be added through traditional plugins. This guide provides an intro to gateway development. […]

How To Clear Eczema Scars

Eczema scars can range in size, color, and length depending on how severe your eczema is. For example, eczema accompanied by blisters could form deep pitted scars that look red or brownish, while scars that are caused by scratching may be surface scars that are white or light pink in color. […]

How To Use Auto Cook Menu In Lg Microwave

Brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Breville and LG have revolutionised cooking across the world, and JB has a large range of their very best. If you’re moving out of home and buying one for the first time, or renovating your kitchen and upgrading all your appliances at the same time, you’ll find what you’re after at JB. […]

How To Call Sprint Roadside Assistance

20/07/2012 · In the end, I added roadside assistance to my Geico insurance policy and signed up for Allstate’s Good Hands program as a backup. (Hey, it’s free.) I’m paying $29.96 a year for the service […]

How To Get Clear Psoriasis

Managing psoriasis takes a lot of time, dedicated effort, will and major changes in lifestyle. The most important factor , of course, is anger and stress management , and victims need to be Zen-calm in dealing with all the crap life throws at us, since they get that […]

How To Delete Cortana Windows 10

How to Disable Cortana Feature in windows 10. By Srikant Last updated Jan 8, 2019 0. One of the major changes to Windows 10 is the presence of Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana. Along with voice searches, you will be given “suggestions” that the voice assistant makes. Cortana is a new voice assistant feature, which has been ported from Windows Phone to Windows 10. Microsoft has done it […]

How To Create Api Wrapper In Android

API Libraries. Looking to include Dark Sky weather data in your app or service? These wrapper libraries should make it quick and easy to do so. Please note that all of the API wrappers are unofficial: we cannot provide support for them! […]

How To Cut Specif Shape Out

I wish to cut the layer up along each of the internal boundaries so that I end up with many layers, each containing the map of one small area as defined by shapefile. I know that I can use the clip tool to cut the map to the shape of the whole shape file, but I don't know how you use the boundaries contained within the shapefile to cut the map. […]

How To Clear Notifications On Pinterest App

24/02/2012 · YouTube counts everything... sorry This video c... NOTE: This video was shot in 2012... Social Media changes and NO I will not delete them if they're out dated. […]

How To Create A Shared Calendar In Outlook

Currently one person has a set up a shared calendar that others are posting to. I do not believe it is the best solution as that person could leave and if requires staff to update both their own calendar and this shared calendar. I tried to set up a Group Schedule view which would quickly show all staff but it doesn't seem to be available in Outlook 2010/exchange 2010. It appears that team […]

How To Delete Gpu-z

26/10/2018 · Dear folks, I need some help with my video card. I need to find a way to monitor the GPU temperature of a GeForce FX 5500 based video card. The manufacturer is PNY. […]

How To Download Music Onto Your Vio Laptop

Go back to your laptop, and look for the networked computers' iTunes libraries in the left pane of iTunes. Click on "Settings" and select your desired categories, or drag and drop selected songs into your own library on the laptop. […]

How To Clear Memory On Dsc Alarm

How to Use Event Memory..... 41 How to Test the Bells and Sirens..... 44 To Start a Remote Programming Session..45 Your security system includes a number of detection devices, such as magnetic contacts, glassbreak detectors, smoke detec-tors, and motion sensors. These devices identify alarm condi-tions and report them to the control panel. If programmed, the control panel sounds an alarm […]

How To Become A Zombie In Minecraft

14/11/2018 · If you attack one, every zombie pigman around you in a 16 block area will become aggressive and attack you. Zombie pigmen can also appear in the overworld, when lightning strikes a pig or around nether Portals. However, this almost never happens. Zombie pigmen run faster than you, so get ready to sprint! (For brand new players, sprinting is caused by double tapping […]

How To Add Module Enjin

Install Enjin Minecraft Plugin & Donation Plugin . To sync your website and setup your donation store install the Enjin Minecraft Plugin. Step 2. Watch Bukkit Donation Plugin & Store Intro. Step 3. Watch How to Edit Your Website Tutorial. H3LL created a new thread { Magic & Magic Traits } in the Magic forum Mar 26, 18 · 0 Replies · 55 Views. Recent new threads Replies Forum { Magic Spell […]

How To Create A Custom Event Facebook

Codeless App Events tool in Facebook's Events Manager. Use this tool to add events without adding code to your app. Can only be used to set up Standard Events at this time. Manually with the App Event Code Generator. Use the tool to create standard and custom app event code to add to your app's code. Automatically Logged Events. Event Details; App Install. The first time a new person activates […]

How To Clean Dingy Towels

13/04/2013 · Easily! Wash and bleach or sometimes Oxy!! I find them so much easier to keep clean than a colored towel, which fades over time and looks dingy to me. […]

How To Change Sim Card For Plan Telus

10/12/2008 you just change your sim card and put it in the phone but you need to make sure that that phone is offered with your company or the unlocked version and also make sure it has a sim card slot [ ex. if you have t mobile you cant get an at&t phone even if its going to be used for tmobile , because phone companys lock the phones to only be used for that service provider and you couldnt use a […]

How To Draw Sheep Wool

Shearing Sheds & Sheep Yards. Woolgrowers can access AWI's comprehensive, on-line shearing shed and sheep yard design guidelines that include labour-saving technologies, and productivity and work health and safety features. […]

How To Ask A Friend On A Date

Friends Speak Out About Sarah Papenheim's Murder 4 Why Offset's Onstage Apology Was Total Bullsh*t “I had a girl at a party just ask me to come back to her place once after chatting a bit […]

How To Become A Notary In Warren County Ohio

The Marion County Law Library administers the Notary Public Committee for Marion County. Residents wishing to obtain or renew their Notary Public commission should contact the Law Library. […]

Razer Scarab How To Clean

1/03/2015 The official Razer channel to get hold of the latest updates, product launches, and more, direct from Razer. Heylo, I got the 14' 2013 Blade about a year ago now, and I was wondering what you guys do to keep it clean! […]

How To Create Brackets For Contracts Word

2/08/2006 · How to create tournament brackets in Excel I'm trying to put together a tournament for my friends but can't figure it out. I'm a graphic designer but Excel baffles me for some reason. […]

How To Add Faces To Photos On Iphone Ios 11

Photos may automatically recognize faces in iOS 10, but you need to give it a little help putting a name to those faces. Here's how to do that. Here's how to do that. 1. […]

How To Download Dangerous Files On Chrome

8/01/2017 Go to the chrome downloads page (click show all) and choose keep dangerous file to keep the downloaded file. Check it with your virus scanner and if you're still worried. Check it with your virus scanner and if you're still worried. […]

How To Create An Android App Step By Step

In this Part we are going to configure an Android Studio project to use Kotlin and leave everything prepared for the next story to start developing the Keddit App from the beginning and learning some Kotlin … […]

How To Delete Telegram Account Ios

Telegram is available almost for all platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Linux, MacOS including web version in case you want to use the Telegram […]

How To Catch Tropy Bass Black Bass 2

If you catch a Bass which looks like a Largemouth, but with a smaller mouth, a thinner tail "wrist" and "teeth" (a rough area) on its tongue, it will definitely be a Spotted Bass. The "teeth" on the tongue is the most reliable identification indicator to distinguish Spotted Bass from Largemouths. […]

How To Cut An Onion Into Julienne Strips

Julienne or bite-size strips: Slice each trimmed medium green onion lengthwise in half. Slice each half crosswise into 1- to 2-inch pieces. How to Chop Green Onions. With a chef's knife, use a rocking motion, cutting all the way up the trimmed stalk until the onion is cut into small pieces. To finely chop, continue to cut the onions using a rocking motion until the pieces are chopped into […]

How To Add Texture In Sketchup

Step 3. Next right click on the brown material on the jacket and select Texture>Edit Texture Image. You can also go to Window>Materials then click on the Edit tab and then on the highlighted icon to go to your external image editor (PhotoShop in this case). […]

How To Create A Matix In R

I need to generate a logical matrix in R. The dimension of the matrix is dynamic, both column names and row names of the matrix come from vectors. […]

How To Delete Offline Google Maps Iphone

Download a map to use offline .On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Maps app 1888-264-6472.Make sure you're connected to the Internet and signed in to Google Maps. Search for a place, like San Francisco . At the bottom, tap the name or address of the place tap More . Select Download offline … […]

How To Draw A Viper Snake

Snake Sketch Snake Drawing Medusa Drawing Animal Sketches Animal Drawings Drawing Practice Drawing Lessons Drawing Techniques Drawing Tips Forward How To Draw A Snake Head, Draw Snake Heads, Step by Step, Drawing Guide, by Darkonator […]

How To Buy A Condo In Toronto With Bad Credit

If you have bad credit or no credit, you will have an even harder time getting a mortgage. While lenders may overlook a bad credit history if your down payment and income is high enough, few will grant a mortgage to someone with no down payment and bruised credit. […]

How To Draw Greninja Easy

Ashs Greninja Wood Magazine Bookcase Plans Ashs Greninja Bunk Bed With Closet Plans For Round Coffee Table Kid Bunk Beds Furniture Store Standing Desk Healthier There has never been a higher time … […]

How To Download From Sounddogs

The Sounddogs desktop app is free to download. It allows anyone to add their own sound libraries, search them, and transfer them to editing apps. It also allows browsing of the entire online Sounddogs … […]

How To Create Password Protected Excel File

As long as the password protection mechanism used by your application creating the file on Unix is compatible with Microsoft Excel, the user will be able to open the file. Answered Sorry! […]

How To Ask For Silent Auction Donations

Use the attached auction item donation letter template for soliciting donations to be used in the auction. Church Donation Letter To raise funds annually, many churches ask their members for support . […]

How To Create A Hash Function For Strings

I want to hash a string of length up-to 30. What will be the best idea to do that if time is my concern. The function will be called over 100 million times. currently I am using the following code, What will be the best idea to do that if time is my concern. […]

How To Build Flavours Properly

The first step of your desired process is to extract the flavours from the herb, spice, etc into the surrounding water. This process will take time, even when you finely chop them. It's possible that the steaming is complete before this process has sufficiently progressed. […]

How To Check Incoming Download Urls

We handled these URLs by creating a "ProductsController" class like below: Once the above class was added to our application, the ASP.NET MVC Framework automatically handled routing the incoming URLs to the appropriate action method on our controller to process. […]

How To Cut Out Door Knob Hole

center of hole on door face 3 5 Drill hole 7 4 4 1) Cut out template. 2) Fold on dotted line for door edge. 3) Mark location of hole on face of door. (2-1/8" hole is standard. Some backplates may require a smaller hole.) 4) Mark location of 1" center hole on edge of door for tube latch. 5) Drill correct diameter hole on door face 1/2 way through. 6) Finish drilling hole from other side. 7 […]

How To Create Airflow In A Room

You can access space properties in various ways. After accessing the space properties, you can define them on the Properties palette. To change type properties, select an element and click Modify tab Properties panel (Type Properties). […]

How To Call To Russia From Canadian Cell

14/01/2008 · All USA/Canadian mobiles will have a +1 country code. Also to correct my post above, the number to dial is 001 705 868 xxxx or you can enter +1 instead of the 001 if you prefer. […]

How To Draw A Stag

If a member of the hen party enjoys drawing, painting, art or is simply up for a good laugh then why not book an afternoon of nude life drawing! […]

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